What are ‘Net Carbs’?

Net Carbs are the carbs that are absorbed by the body: the true amount of digestible carbohydrate. It is the total number of carbohydrates on the box label, minus fibre and erithrytol (a natural polyol from grape extract).

For example: our Chocolate Donut has 18g Total Carbs - 2g Fibre - 6g Erithrytol = 10g Net Carbs.

And Cake Batter: 20g Total Carbs - 1g Fibre - 6g Erithrytol = 13g Net Carbs.

When doing the 4/4/9 calorie calculation, your donuts do not add up!

When Net Carbs are involved, simple calorie calculations just donut cut it! When calculating calories, dietary fibre is counted as having 2kcal per gram instead of the 4kcal per gram of a regular carbohydrate. Erithrytol is actually deemed 'calorie neutral' by the FDA in America, though a recent study recognised by the FSA in the UK found that it is more like 0.2kcal per gram, so that is the amount of energy that shows up when you lab test a Wow! Protein Donut.

Rest assured: all our nutrition is lab verified so you know that what you see on the label is what you get!

Do the donuts contain nuts?

The donuts do not contain any nut ingredients, but they are manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts and peanuts.

Do the donuts contain gluten?

Yes they do, though we are working on a gluten free version so be sure to sign up to our newsletter for updates!

Are the donuts vegetarian?


Are the donuts vegan?

No, they do contain egg and milk. A vegan donut is another new product we’re working on at the moment!

Where does the protein come from?

Mainly a protein blend and whole egg!

What are the allergens?

Egg, Milk and Wheat

What is the best way to get good glutes?

Hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, low bar squats and hip abductions.

What’s your favourite colour?

Anything pastel.

Cereal first or milk first?

Obviously cereal first. How is this even up for debate.

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